Birthing From Within Series (6 weeks)


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Parents and birth attendants can influence, but not control how a birth unfolds. Birthing From Within® is a holistic approach that gives parents the tools to birth-in-awareness even when the journey takes unexpected turns.

"One type of learning comes from books, but, the learning necessary for you to participate completely in your birth, must come from you." Pam England

The Birthing From Within philosophy offers parents-to-be a unique opportunity to prepare for childbirth and parenting as a profound rite of passage.

Parents learn practical information about the physiology of labor, what types of things support or hinder it, and how to support the laboring mother, physically and emotionally. The Birthing From Within mentor guides thought-provoking dialogues that help parents explore their preferences among all of the birthing options. Participants gain insights of common occurrences in different birth settings, they view interesting birth videos, and engage in multi-sensory activities. Class by class, parents practice and master a variety of proven pain-coping exercises and build their pain-coping confidence. They also explore the wise and compassionate use of drugs and epidurals.

These classes are complete childbirth preparation, covering material and information covered in more traditional classes, including stages of labor/ birth, physiology of normal birth, what to expect, when to call your care-provider, and much more.

Class content is determined by participant's unique needs, and some of the activities include:

  • How to Create a birth space (wherever you are) that will help you open in labor
  • Build a pain-coping mindset through learning proven concentration and mindfulness practices
  • Explore and understand when the use of drugs and epidurals might be wise and compassionate to a circumstance
  • That it is normal and unique to each person if and when they "Lose it" in labor
  • Using vocalization, movement, and body position to support labor progress.
  • Specific class and activities for Dads and Birth Support Companions
  • Developing a partnership with your spouse, partner, and with your baby
  • Positions for Labor and Pushing your baby out
  • Birth from the Baby's perspective and Welcoming your new baby in the moments after birth.
  • Preparing for a gentle and mindful transition to parenthood as a couple and new family
  • Reclaim the spirituality, and sensuality of birth
  • Each session includes a Postpartum class reunion

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