Birthin' Again


Expecting your second or subsequent baby? Birthin' Again is a refresher class for all parents who have given birth and are preparing for their next child, regardless of the 'style' of preparation they used for their previous birth. This class prepares parents for the uniqueness of labor and birth that EACH child can bring. This workshop also serves as a great chance to reconnect with your partner, renew yourself and prepare to receive this new member into your family. Along with a review of the basic stages of labor, how to support the laboring mom, and activities to build a coping mindset, the class will explore ideas such as:

  • What did you do in your last labor that helped you cope with the intensity of the experience?
  • How is your previous birth experience helping or hindering your preparation for this upcoming labor?
  • How are you preparing to get the support you need; from your partner, birth companions, and other care providers during your birth and postpartum period?
  • How will what you learned from your last experience serve you if this experience is much different?
  • What have you done to prepare your first child for the birth and bringing home of their new brother or sister?
  • And more.....

Each class will include a time for rejuvenation for the couple as they prepare for the next stage in their parenting journey.

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